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Photos and more from Maxwell AFB and Gunter AFS, Montgomery, AL, for the 3800th SPS, 502d SPS, 42nd SPS, 42nd SFS, and the Office of Special Investigations.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photos (Groups)

Montgomery PD, AL - September 1976
Award for Service at Camp Exchange
Outside (from "9 o'clock"): LtCol Dillion, SSgt Tom Wagoner,
A1C Woods (glasses), Sgt Kunkel, Amn Dan ("D.J.") Hanes,
Sgt Tom Tomlinson, A1C Grohe, Sgt Carter, A1C Mike Nolan,
MSgt Moore (First Sergeant)
Center Row: MPD Lt J.V. Kent, MPD Capt E.R. Crew
Front Row: LtGen Raymond Furlong (Commander AU) receives plaque from MPD Asst Chief P.L. Burto
(photo courtesy of Mike Nolan)

Maxwell AFB NCO Club ~ 1976
Left-to-Right: Mike Burns, Ron Fellion (standing), Norma Burns, Pam Anderson (Mike's sister)
NOTE: Mike Nolan says the last female was his (then future) wife Debbie
(photo courtesy of Mike Nolan)

3800th SPS SP Barracks Across From 813

    Two versions (differences in italics)

Left-to-Right: Cindy Rawlings, Ron Fellion (seated with back to wall), Rose Vide, Tom Tomlinson (standing in red shirt and cap),
Sam Moss, Alvin Summers (702 in black cap)

Left-to-Right: Cindy Rawlings, Mike Nolan (seated with back to wall), Rose Vide, Tom Tomlinson (standing in red shirt and cap),
Sam Moss, A1C Woods (in black cap)
(photo courtesy of Mike Nolan)

3800th SPS Group Photo - Maxwell AFB ~ 1979
Near Building 813, SP Barracks
Front Rows: SMSgt Mercer, Lt Cranford Herron, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Harriet Myers (civilian), TSgt Jerome Simmons, SrA Tom Riendu, SSgt Jose Rodriguez, SSgt Kenneth Tupper
Middle Rows: TSgt Gary Nickols, TSgt Ray Spigner, UNKNOWN, TSgt George Hill, UNKNOWN (w/ mustache), MSgt Lund, SSgt Jerry Summerow (fatigues), TSgt William McCoy (civilian attire), TSgt Claude Todd (sunglasses)
Back Row: SrA Frank Filikowski, UNKNOWN, TSgt Dave Briggs, UNKNOWN
(courtesy of Col (Ret.) Lorne & Sharon McGregor)

Front: Maj Lorne McGregor cuts a cake ~ 1979
Back: TSgt Shipman (First Sergeant), TSgt Harold T. "Tom" Speakman
(courtesy of Col (Ret.) Lorne & Sharon McGregor)

TSgt Gary Nickols, Maj Lorne McGregor, TSgt George Hill ~ 1979
(courtesy of Col (Ret.) Lorne & Sharon McGregor)

Lt Cranford Herron and Maj Lorne McGregor ~ 1979
(courtesy of Col (Ret.) Lorne & Sharon McGregor)

Gunter AFS SP Desk ~ 1976-77
Front-to-Back: A1C Rick Lambing, TSgt Lowell Hutcheson (standing), SSgt Johnson Alexander, A1C John K. "Ken" Wilson
(courtesy of Ken Wilson)

Air Police "B" Flight - Maxwell AFB ~ 1963-1964
Holding Plaque: Sgt Freeman
Front Row: unknown, unknown, Sgt Harding, A2C Ray Waldrop, unknown
Back Row: A3C James E. Griggers, unknown, A3C Don Crane, unknown
(photo courtesy of Dr. James E. Griggers)

(photo courtesy of Jon Brady)

District 8 AFOSI Special Agents Discuss Training - 1982
L-R: Greg Topping and Martin Edwards
(clipping courtesy of Martin Edwards)

"Alexander's Gorillas", 3800th ABS, Gunter AFS ~ 1975-76
Back L-to-R: Sgt Danny Jenkins, SSgt Johnson Alexander (Flight Chief)
Front L-to-R: AIC John K. "Ken" Wilson, AIC Ricky L. Lambing, AIC Robert W. Setzer
(photo courtesy of Ken and Belynda Wilson)

Lackland AFB "Top Gun" Competition - 1977
Steve Branyon, Gary Nickols, Ron Fellion, Ralph Conner
(photo by Jeff Connors)

Thunder Over Alabama Air Show, Maxwell AFB - March 2010
Left to Right: unknown, TSgt Marvin Fleeting, SSgt Kevin Jenkins
(USAF photo by Jamie Pitcher)

Perry Cooley and Steven Patton - July 1978
(photo by Bob Sanders; clipping courtesy of Perry Cooley)

42nd SFS Bike Patrol, Maxwell AFB - 2010
SrA Trevor Lopez and SrA Brady Harley
(USAF photo by Bennett Rock)

Gunter AFS E.S.T. ~ 1982
Standing: unknown, Joe Herman, unknown, unknown
Kneeling: unknown, unknown,
far right is perhaps SSgt Mike Roper or SSgt Henry Martin
(photo courtesy of Joe Herman)

Maxwell/Gunter "Top Gun" Team, Lackland AFB - 1977
Left to Right: Ron Fellion, Steve Branyon, Gary Nickols,
Ralph Conner, Bill McCue, Jeff Connors
(clipping by Ron Fellion)

Dining Out, 1979 - Philip "J.P." Brown, Bill McCue, Steve Branyon
(photo by unknown)

Gunter AFS Desert Storm Team, 1990-91
Front Row, Left to Right: Rajesh B. Patel, Eric F. Phillips, Ernest C. "Dog" Murray, Jeff Stokely, Ken "Truitt Can Do It" Truitt, Randy Cunningham
Back Row, Left to Right: Michael A. "Mike" Doty, Terry L. Pridemore, David B. "Dave" DeRamus, Robert "Boos" Bussalacchi, Richard J. "Rich" Wryobeck, Charles "Dave" Catholdi, Donald L. "Don" Carter
Not Pictured: A1C Jeffrey Anderson
(USAF photo via Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

E.S.T. (AKA "SWAT"), Maxwell AFB ~ 1978
Standing: Mike Esquibel, Bill McCue, Steve Branyon, Martin McSween, Charlie Beck
Kneeling: Charles Aldridge, Doug Little, Chuck Drake, SrA Kenneth Sawyer
Not pictured: Larry Eaton
(photo by Larry Eaton, courtesy of Chuck Drake)

Guard mount at Gunter AFS ~ 1977
Facing SPs: SSgt Alexander and Capt David G. Lucas
SPs: SSgt Charles W. Bailey, Sgt Charles Davis, SrA Bill McCue, A1C Christine Clifford
(USAF photo, via Bill McCue, Steve Branyon scanned)

Guard mount at Maxwell AFB ~ 1978
Facing SPs: MSgt Kawzinski and TSgt Jerome Simmons
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Jay Johnson, Jim Bice, Doug Little ~ 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Charles "Dave" Catholdi and Sgt Terry Pridemore
Mirage AB, U.A.E. ~ 1990-91
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

Gieseys' Going Away Party, 1979
Fifth (back) row: Philip "J.P." Brown
Fourth row: Jay Johnson, Chuck Drake
Third row: Arleen Giesey (she is behind her brother, and in front of Jay)
Second row: Arleen Giesey's brother Don Cunningham, Don Giesey (holding the bottle), Mike Urbanski
First (front) row: Tom Giesey

Jimmy Hall, Jeff Connors, and Denis Brooker ~ 1978
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

1979 - Jay Johnson and Debbie (Backus) Ellison wave traffic through Gate #2 (Day Street). Notice that Maxwell is under the ATC by this time, instead of AU.
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

1979 - Dining Out - Robert ("Rico") Rice, Debbie (Backus) Ellison (formerly Rice), Don Giesey, Arleen Giesey, Maj. Lorne McGregor, Mrs. Sharon McGregor, Jay Johnson, Mike Urbanski.
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Suzanne and Charles "Dave" Catholdi - 1990
Dining Out Before Desert Storm Deployment
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

Halloween During Desert Storm - October 1990
Mirage AB, Sharjah, U.A.E.
Seated Left-to-Right: Sgt Terry Pridemore, A1C Randy Cunningham, Charles "Dave" Catholdi, A1C Jeff Anderson (handing out "Trick or Treat" candy to British kids)
Standing: A1C Dave Deramus
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

Celebrations after VP Mondale's visit, 1979
Standing: Charles Aldridge, Charles Burge, Claude Todd, Larry Eaton, Jerome Simmons
Sitting: Mike Esquibel
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Dining Out, 1979
Left to right: George and Diem Ingols, Arleen and Don Giesey, Jim Potter, Greg Thompson
Note: If you click on the image it will be very large. Look behind Greg Thompson on the far right, and I believe that is Lou Thorton.(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Dining Out, 1979 - Urbanski, Thompsons, Potters, and Johnson
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Kenneth Tupper, Gary Nickols, and Charles Aldridge
(CLICK for larger image)
(clip courtesy of Ron Fellion)

Dining Out, 1979
Dancing left-to-right: Col Hartwig, Maj McGregor, SMSgt Kawzinski
Seated with back to camera: TSgt William C. McCoy
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Dining Out, 1979
Debbie (Backus) Ellison (formerly Rice) and Robert "Rico" Rice (turning away), unknown looking down
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Debbie (Backus) Ellison and J.P. Brown at Gate #2 (Day Street) ~ 1979
(photo by unknown)

Jeff Connors and Joe Denoyer, 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Celebrations after VP Mondale's visit, 1979
Maj Lorne McGregor, Frank Filipkowski, William "Bill" Molly, Jose Rodriguez, Martin McSween
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

SSgt Alexander supervises SSgt Bailey at the clearing barrel ~ 1977
(USAF photo, via Bill McCue, Steve Branyon scanned)

42nd SFS Conducts "Mass Shooting" Exercise ~ 2009
Participants unknown
(USAF photo by Jamie Pitcher)

Base Party, Maxwell AFB ~ 1978
Facing: Maj McGregor, Jay Johnson, Claude Todd
Back to camera: Unknown
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Beatrice (Rosales) Herron and Tim Collins - 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Gunter Armory ~ 1977
Sgt "Tex" Webb (left), Charles R. Davis (right) (receiving the weapon)
(USAF photo, via Bill McCue, Steve Branyon scanned)


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